Sayyedi Abu Jamal Hamza bin Al-Hajj Al-Abbas bin Al-Mukhtar Al-Qadiri Al-Boutchichi was born in the year 1922 [1341 Hijri] in the village of Madagh in Northeast Morocco. Although his childhood was spent between activities on the land and on studying religion, he showed signs of spiritual status very early in his life.

He pursued his studies along the lines of the traditional education of the time. This included studying and memorising the Quran (from the age of 3/4 to 8/9) and then the religious sciences [mutun] , grammar [nahu] jurisprudence [fiqh] for a further 6 years.

Sidi Hamza Young

After the death of his uncle and teacher, Sidi Al-Mekki in 1936, Sidi Hamza went to Oujda to continue his studies at the university (1937-1940). Here he followed the syllabus of the famous Qarawiyyeen University (in Fez) and was taught by the most outstanding  scholars [‘ulema] of the time including the trustee of the religious endowment [waqf].

He returned to Madagh, where for a further two years he deepened his knowledge in the company of two religious scholars [‘ulema] from the city of Fes.

He studied the classical sciences of the Traditions [Hadith], the Prophetic biography [seerah] expounding of the Quran [tafsir], theology, mathematics, rhetoric and logic, in all of which he excelled and mastered.

After many years devoted to the study of the religious sciences, Sidi Hamza then turned his attention to the esoteric sciences at the hand of Sidi Abu Madyan, a distant uncle, who became his spiritual master, but who was hitherto little known to him.












Sidi Hamza when he was young